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Proactive vs. Reactive.  This is what we believe makes the biggest difference when creating a wedding film (or any film for that matter).        

The ability to head into a wedding and know exactly what we are wanting to film and how to film it comes from our desire to get to know all of our clients as unique individuals.  When filming a day that is sometimes full of familiar traditions and imagery, it could be tricky to create a compelling and meaningful film, but having the chance to become familiar with our clients gives us the exclusive opportunity to seek out the stories that show them as a unique couple instead of just a bride and groom at a wedding.  We are telling a story about you, your relationship, friends and family, but it just happens to be on your wedding day.  We take the uncommon, proactive approach to filming weddings, of finding and planning out the story we want to tell well before we even open our camera bags instead of the reactionary approach of filming without purpose as the day's events unfold.  

Proactive vs. Reactive.  Cinematography vs. Videography.  

So let's get to know you.  We don't mean the 'you' as in what colors you've picked out for your wedding, or the flowers you'll have in the centerpieces.  We want to know the 'you' that has attracted the love of another and the 'you' that will inspire us to film and create a compelling and meaningful story.   

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