We can't get enough of how our clients have been incorporating personal touches into their wedding day.  We're not talking about creative centerpieces (though, we do love a nice succulent arrangement) and funky shoes.  What really gets our hearts pumping are personal and genuine spoken words that give us a glimpse into their relationship with each other and those around them.  Stephanie and Brandon chose the perfect reading for their wedding ceremony, and you can see exactly what we mean by watching their quick trailer below.    

Stephanie and Brandon chose to have their wedding party read lines from an adorable children's book, The Lovely Love Story, and we couldn't think of a more perfect way to narrate their trailer.  

Oh, and as you're watching, note Stephanie's dress and cuff.  Her mother and sister each made them for her.  It must be nice having such a talented family!

This wedding posed a few tricky challenges, specifically with shooting the ceremony in a dark alley, and the toasts and dances in an extremely dimly lit winery.  If you're curious on how we tackled this post-daylight savings time wedding check back soon!  We'll be posting lighting diagrams and our thoughts on how we like to handle dark receptions with their final film!