As a wedding photographer herself, we were pretty psyched when Ashley approached us about filming her own upcoming wedding.  We knew she and Nick might be up for attempting something creative for the trailer we would be presenting them while they waited for us to put together their feature film.  

While we are always up for stretching our creative muscles, as storytellers we always want to make sure we're doing it for a reason that will actually help us tell a story.  In this case, we knew that incorporating actual photographic prints into a photographer's wedding film would be perfect.  So we decided to use over 700 prints...from footage collected on their wedding day.  The result was unexpectedly awesome (and one of the most stressful challenges we've faced as wedding cinematographers), and when combined with Ashley and Nick's genuine passion for each other and a beautifully styled wedding, this has to be one of our favorite wedding film trailers to date.

Want to know how we pulled this off?  Check back next week for a behind the scenes sneak peek!